Al-Saeed Holds Cultural Activities [Archives:1999/16/Governance]

April 19 1999

The Hayel Saeed Awards for science and Arts were announced last week on Sunday, April 11th. The Award giving day is Thursday, April 22. But before that, Taiz will witness some cultural activities for three days starting from today, Monday April 19. The event will include poetry recitation by some famous Yemeni poets like Ismail Al-Wareeth, Sultan al-Suraimi, Shawqi Shafiq, Abdul Karim Al-Razihi, Mohammed Hasan Haitham, Ali Al-Maqari, Ahmad Al-Awadi, Ibrahim Al-Hadrani in addition to some young poets like Ahmad Al-Shalafi and Salwa Al-Qadasi, Ahmad Al-Flahi and others.
A seminar on the papers and experiments that won the Awards will be held on Wednesday, April 21. Dr. Yasin Abdul Aleem Al-Qubati, winner of 1997 Award, and Dr. Abdul Rahman Thabet, winner of the 1998 Award will participate in this seminar. All these cultural activities will be held at Al-Thulaya Hall, Faculty of Arts, Taiz University.
By: MohammedAl-Qadhi
Taiz Office Editor