Al-Sahwa [Archives:2009/1226/Press Review]

January 19 2009

Thursday, Jan. 15, 2009
Top Stories

– Yemenis to demonstrate after Friday Prayers to protest Israeli aggression against Gazza

– Sheikh Al-Moayyad and Zayed enter sixth year of unjust detention

– Opposition Parliament member: South Yemen's issue is key to resolving all troubles countrywide

Parliament member Mohsin BaSurra said during a rally held Sunday in Hadhramout province that if the ruling party insisted to hold parliamentary elections alone , then , Yemen's up-coming parliament would be illegitimate, the website reported.

He said that the Yemeni authorities continuously ignored the South Yemen's issue, pointing out that it is key to solving all other troubles. BaSurrah added that the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) welcomed all suggestions aimed at tackling this issue, and stressing the Southerners' rights in sharing resources and political partnership.

Furthermore, Ba Sora demanded the government absolutely end Saada war and address its impacts.

He further talked about the grinding poverty, unemployment and soaring prices Yemen suffers, affirming that the state witnesses a very terrible situation.

On a side note, the website reported that JMP branch in Hadramout approved transfer of the Executive Committee's chairmanship from Nasserite Unionist Popular Organization (NUPO) to Al-Haq Party with Saleh Ba Yameen as the Chairman man while Yemeni Socialist Party, another JMP member, replaced Islah as Deputy of the Executive Committee Chairman.

During its recent meeting, the opposition coalition's branch discussed the latest series of developments taking place at the local and Arab levels. It strongly denounced a government's measure preventing Hadramout University students to practice their legal and human right to protest against the Israel aggression on the people of Gazza.