Al-Salahi’s Son still in Custody [Archives:2000/26/Local News]

June 26 2000

Sheikhs’ mediations to release the son of the businessman Ali Saeed Al-Asbahi, who was kidnapped one month ago from Hodeidah by an armed group that belongs to Sheikh Ahmad Al-Mazami, came to nothing.
Al-Mazami demanded the payment of half of his money from Mr. Abdulmawli Saeed Al-Asbahi, the kidnapped uncle who is in jail at present. He also demanded that the other half of his money is to be guaranteed either by Hail Saeed’s sons or sheikh Omar Ahmad Saif or any merchant from Taiz. Only then will he release the son.
Some sources reported that Sheikh Omar Ahmad Saif had led a demonstration last Wednesday to the governorate headquarters in Hodeidah requesting the government interfere to release the kidnapped son.
On the other hand, security forces in Sana’a detained five persons from Maza’am tribe and sent them to the Criminal Investigation office as hostages.
Some sources from Maza’am tribe told the Yemen Times that the tribe is preparing to go out in a demonstration to the district administration in Khawlan calling for a lifting of the embargo imposed by the security forces on the tribe and to stop the arrest campaigns that are launched against the tribe members.
Karamish Tribal conflicts to Halt
Mediators were able to stop the tribal conflict between Bani Omar and Bani Sobaih, Mareb, which was triggered last week following the murder of a person from Bani Omar and injuring another due to disputes over distributing the social security cases which were defined for the tribe.
Following the mediation of some sheikhs from Juhm, a one-month cease-fire agreement was reached. It is worth noting that there are parties of the Al-karamish Tribe inhabiting Harib valley, 120km to the west of the governorate Mareb, who have witnessed deadly wars among these themselves over some agricultural land disputes. The latest of these conflicts was two months ago and resulted in many deaths.Many women and children also became homeless.