Al-Salam Hospital for Psychiatric Therapy in Hodeidah a Successful Model in Yemen [Archives:2001/33/Health]

August 13 2001

Hssain al-Zuraiqi
Arif al-Zuraiqi
It is regrettable that the persons suffering from psychiatric illnesses in our society are treated in a derogatory manner which is against the principles of our faith. Treating those people like the untouchables of India is overtly against the teachings of Islam and adversely harm them.
The psychiatric therapy hospital in Hodeidah is the first of its kind in Yemen. This hospital was not more than a small jail a couple of years ago. It was so overcrowded and can not meet the basic standards required for a hospital. But now things have changed to the better and the hospital is well-maintained.
When asking about the reason behind this improvement we have been told that it is the result of the efforts exerted by the People’s Charitable Society (PCS).
Yemen Times met Mr. Yusif Abdulwadud, Chairman of the Society and asked him about the changes taken place at the hospital.
Mr. Yusef Abdulwadud said that the hospital used to be in a miserable situation lacking the most important facilities required for any hospital. As neither the government nor the charitable societies render care to these people. But now many things have changed as the People’s Charitable Society have been trying to dramatically change the situation of the hospital.
Mr. Yusif Abdulwadud further added that there are several institutions such as the GTZ, the Social Fund for Development, the Ministry of Public Health and the Public Works Fund which all contributed to the construction of a new lodging section at the sanitarium and the provision of sufficient food and proper sanitation facilities for the inmates of the sanitarium. Furthermore, several businessmen donate sums of money totaling to YR 500000 in a monthly basis. At the end Mr. Yusif Abdulwadud called all the local and international humanitarian organizations to help them in implementing the future plan to upgrade and develop the sanitarium .
Mr. Abdulmajeed al-Azizi, Director of the Hospital said that the situation of the hospital and the sanitarium has dramatically changed and this is due to the efforts exerted by the different entities and individuals. He added that the hospital still needs lots of medicaments and aids required for psychiatric therapy. Moreover, we need a complete team of specialized psychiatrists so as to help in improving the health condition of the inmates.