Al-Sawany wants “infidels” and “secularists” to be arrested [Archives:2004/733/Front Page]

April 29 2004

Al-Sawany, the convicted killer of the former Assistant Secretary General of Yemeni Socialist Party, Jar Allah Omar, told a Sana'a court on April 26 that the authorities should arrest people he described as seculars and infidels and the leader of Al-Buhra sect in Yemen.
He also denied that there is any group or cell behind the killing of Jar Allah Omar.
He said that he was the lone plotter and executor of the crime.
The only person he was informed was Abbed Kamel, the murderer of the three American doctors.
Neither Islah nor PGC Party or the state has anything to do with his action, he said, adding that political parties competed to blame the crime on each other because it was during the election season.
Al-Sawany demanded the trial of Ba'athists and Nasserites as infidels.
He also demanded the arrest of representative of Sultan of Al-Buhra in Yemen, Mr. Salman Rasheed, and the leader of a Sect in Yemen as well as “Al-Taiyfeen” sect.
He also accused Islah Party of having two currents, which were the reasons behind his deviation.
The first current led by Yassin Abdul Aziz and Dr. Mohamed Al-Yadoumi considering them deviants and the second current led by Sheikh Al-Zendani and his followers, who stood silently in front of the first current as a courtesy.
The accused revealed the brutal treatment he had received in the past by saying that during the four- month interrogating period, he was continuously blind-folded with his hands cuffed, even at times to go to the bathroom.
He declared that if he were taken back for further interrogation, he would abstain from talking unless he was beaten severely and only then, he would implicate anyone the interrogating team wanted him to.
He demanded his release and compensation for the suffering and time spend in jail and instead to jail the leaders of Yemen Socialist Party, and the leaders of Nasserite and Ba'ath parties.