Al-Shaef Murdered in USA [Archives:2001/31/Front Page]

July 30 2001

Al-Shiekh Hamood bin Nagi was murdered last week by a gang described as Afro-American. Al-Shaef had immigrated to America, got married and opened up a shop in the state of Pennsylvania.
The Pennsylvania police department informed the Yemeni embassy in Washington of the event and indicated that an armed gang had bust into the shop owned by Al-Shaef but failed in their attempted robbery because of the fierce resistance put up by him, leading to his being killed by gunshot wounds.
The Yemeni Embassy in Washington has confirmed that it has started to oversee the investigation in Pennsylvania and received a number of telephone calls from individuals and other state authorities helping to uncover the precise details of the incident. Informed sources revealed that two suspects had been arrested and also indicated that a number of other murders have been committed against Yemeni immigrants by armed gangs in America.