Al-Shaibani receives fellowship certificate [Archives:2006/1006/Local News]

December 11 2006

SANA'A, Dec. 2 ) Yemeni businessman Alwan Sa'eed Al-Shaibani, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Universal Group of Companies, last week received the European Marketing Promotion Association's Honorary Fellowship Certificate.

Al-Shaibani was recognized for his efforts to develop Yemeni travel and tourism.

At the award ceremony, which several officials from the Universal Group of Companies attended, Abdulaziz Al-Tarb, who presented the certificate on the association's behalf, said Al-Shaibani was awarded for his effective efforts and his role in enhancing Yemeni development thus far.

According to Al-Tarb, who has a doctorate in economics, Al-Shaibani has demonstrated a prominent role in improving Yemeni infrastructure and increasing citizen awareness with the aim of activating tourist attractions and fostering local tourism. Al-Tarb further praised the group of businessmen for providing internationally famed airline services to passengers traveling between Yemen and other countries.

Despite heavy losses the Universal Group of Companies has faced due to the tourism recession in recent years, the group was able to maintain its infrastructure, its workforce and its hotels. It never closed its doors, nor did it reduce its services because it had faith in the principle of national partnership,” Al-Tarb noted.

Al-Shaibani remarked, “The European association's awarding of the Universal Group is an acknowledgement of its tourism activities despite various obstacles and difficulties. Consequently, any certificate of merit conferred upon the group reflects the success of its employees, whether seniors or juniors.”

The Universal Group of Companies initiated its travel and tourism activities in 1983, adding hotel services in 1994. Over the past few decades, the company has developed into one of Yemen's largest firms with nine affiliates operating in areas of travel, tourism, hotels and transportation, as well as a Federal Express branch.