Al-Shifa Denies Links with Bin Laden [Archives:2001/42/Front Page]

October 15 2001

Mohammed Saleh al-Ashmori, director-general of al-Shifa Shops for Yemeni Honey, denied the U.S.-based news claiming that these shops belong to Osama bin Laden, adding that they have no relation with any foreign entities.
In an exclusive statement to the Yemen Times, Al-Ashmori categorically denied this baseless news, adding that he is able to prove this. “This news is mostly fabricated by persons attempting to harm the reputation of Yemeni honey and Yemeni investors in general,” al-Ashmori added.
Some U.S.-based news mentioned that the U.S. government has ordered the freeze of the assets of many individuals and organizations believed to have links with terrorism, including al-Hamati Sweets Bakeries, al-Nur Honey Center, and al-Shifa Honey for Industry & Commerce, which are based in Sana’a.