Al-Shoura council discusses Yemeni expatriates’ situations [Archives:2004/758/Local News]

July 26 2004

Al-Shoura Council, chaired by Mr. Abdul Aziz Abdul Ghani concluded on Tuesday 20th July a two day discussion on the situation of Yemeni expatriates living in a number of Arab and foreign countries, based on the report filed by the Council's Political, Foreign Relations and Expatriates Affairs Committee.
The report consisted of an oversight and an evaluation related to the current situation of Yemeni expatriates abroad.
The council's discussions and comments focused on the measures that ought to be taken and adopted to improve the situations of Yemeni living abroad.
At the conclusion of the discussions, a sub-committee of some members from the main committee and other concerned authorities, was formed in order to formulate the final recommendations and suggestions, before transferring them to the related authorities to take appropriate measures.