Al-Shuabi’s book translated to English “Yemen: The Natural Phenomena and The Archeological Marks” [Archives:1999/14/Local News]

April 5 1999

The English version of Mohammed Al Shuaibi’s book, “Yemen: The Natural Phenomena and the Archeological Marks” will be released soon. An Arabic edition of this tourist book was published two months ago by the well-known historian and researcher of the Yemeni Study and Research Center, Mr. Mohammed Al Shuaibi.
The Arabic version of this book gained wide popularity, selling 5000-copies in record time for a new book.
The book represents a collection of information that filled a cultural gap concerning Yemen, answers to some questions like the beginning of life in Yemeni territory, creation of natural phenomena, geological and geo-physical structures. It also discusses the discoveries and innovations of ancient Yemenis in the first millennium BC, based on modern discoveries and findings. Many of those ancient theories are still accepted up to today’s date.
The study is divided into two main sections; the first focused on the task of discovering ancient man existing in Yemen over 30 million years ago. The development of his artistic and architectural skills as in the fortresses and citadels, worshiping places, folkloric crafts, foundation of irrigation systems in Aden, Mareb and Binon, excavation works on gold and silver metals, and the construction of civilizations cities as in Hadramout, Mareb, Sarwah, Al Gawf and Ghaiman are also covered.
The second section of the book concentrates on the natural phenomena of the earth. These include the mineral water sources, and their chemical factors and benefits to sick people .
In conclusion, a brief thanks to the hard sincere efforts of the government represented by scientists and researchers protecting this wealth and developing methods of investment in both natural therapy and tourist aspects.