Al-Sufi challenges accusations of unfair employment measures [Archives:2004/702/Local News]

January 12 2004

Minister of Civil Service and Insurance challenged anybody to prove that there were criteria other than competence and qualification implemented in employing civil servants this year.
Mr. Hamoud al-Sufi denied that employment was carried out on basis of partisan, sectarian or family relations criteria. He told Yemen Times that employment is implemented according to criteria proposed by the civil service ministry and endorsed by the cabinet decision No. 138 meant to correcting the mistakes and creating basis for a neutral administration, away from nepotism, favoritism and other forms of corruption. He stressed that “employing civil servants in 2003 was based on fair competition where there was an equal chance for all competent people to apply and compete as the available posts were announced through the media.'' He said that there was decentralization in distributing the posts and that the screening process was monitored by local authority, parliament and other field teams from the ministry. The competition was run through a computerized system and according to the need for the posts and that names of the winners were published also in the media in a transparent manner. He openly said that the ministry was influenced and blackmailed by different political and traditional forces which tried to break the law and new criteria of employment and the ministry was able to side by the competent and deserving people. He called those people accusing the ministry of applying partisan measures in employment to join hands to defend the rights of the people who really deserve the posts. The Minister announced that 700 posts were canceled last year as they were not done according to the law and that some of the officials involved in corruption and bribery were prosecuted while others were suspended from their jobs. The Ministry is planning to employ new managers for civil service offices in all governorates.