Al-Susuwa among the Vital Voices of the world [Archives:2004/738/Local News]

May 17 2004

Yemeni Minister of Human Rights Ms. Amat Al-Aleem Al-Susuwa has been honored with two international awards in the field of women leadership and defending human rights.

Al-Susuwa has a Vital Voice
Celebrations in the US capital Washington DC will take place next month on the occasion of the presentation of an award to Al-Susuwa in the field of women's political leadership, along with five other internationally prominent female dignitaries.
Washington, DC-based Vital Voices human rights organization, whose headquarters is in Washington, confirmed granting the award to Ms. Al-Susuwa as appreciation for her distinguished work in supporting human rights and civil rights in Yemen.
Vital Voices is a global partnership to support women's progress in building democracies, strong economies and peace. Our work focuses on three critical areas: expanding women's roles in politics and civil society; increasing successful women's entrepreneurship; and fighting trafficking in women and girls and other human rights abuses.
On this occasion, Yemen Times contacted Sandra Willett Jackson, the President of the Vital Voices Global Partnership, who gave the following exclusive statement to Yemen Times. “Vital Voices is thrilled to honor your Minister of Human Rights, the Honorable Al-Susuwa. The award will be presented to her on Tuesday evening, May 18th. On the evening of May 17, your Honorable Ambassador to the United States will host a dinner in honor of the Minister and two other extraordinary women leaders. Later in the week, Minister Al-Susuwa will participate in meetings at the U.S. Department of State and in discussions with the press and public policy leaders about Yemen, women's role in government, and trends in women's leadership in the region.”
She added that , “as President of Vital Voices, I am pleased to tell you that we have selected Yemen's Minister of Human Rights to receive our award for three reasons: her tireless work to bring women into political and civic life in Yemen, her leadership on women's human rights in the region, and her pioneering work which makes her a role model for women around the globe.
To cite one example, Minister Al-Susuwa participated in the leadership training Vital Voices conducted in Muscat, Oman, last November for Omani women. As a result of this training, many more women in Oman have been able to take leadership training programs. They have now the communications skills, strategic planning concepts, and better understanding of what women's political participation can do to stabilize governments and improved local economies.
Vital Voices is very grateful to Minister Al-Susuwa for working with Vital Voices. We would like more people around the world to know about her contributions to progress for all the citizens of Yemen.”

Italian award too
On the other hand, the Italian Marisa Bellisario organization has also decided to grant Ms. Al-Susuwa its international prize from among more than 70 prominent individuals, all distinguished supporters of human rights in their own countries.
The Marisa Bellisario Foundation is an Italian ethical society with a fundamental goal in strengthening women's resources and abilities, placing particular focus on those women who have dedicated themselves to business, management and entrepreneurial careers.