Al-Tahrir Square , Sana’a,  Scene of An Armed Clash [Archives:2000/12/Local News]

March 20 2000

A fierce armed clash last Tuesday took place in Al-Tahrir Square, in downtown of Sana’a, between Security forces and bodyguards of a young man, son of an influential man. The clash took place at a time the square was crowded with pedestrians and shopping people who came to buy their needs for the Eid. The clash caused panic among people especially that this square is considered the biggest and most important commercial center in Sana’a. There has not been any immediate account of the number of casualties or the causes of the clash. However, some eye-witnesses said that the clash lasted more than 10 minutes and that the Security chased the car of the attackers. Usually, police patrol units take position in Al-Tahrir Square to maintain security and order there.
The person in responsible for this panic and disturbance of public safety is a well-known reckless young man who is known for immoral conduct acts and chasing girls. He has also caused lots other safety-disturbing incidents previously. However, he was not subject to any sort of questioning or apprehension by the authorities in charge because his father is a very powerful and well-connected person.