Al-Thawrah Hospital excessive demand and few resources [Archives:2009/1226/Health]

January 19 2009

Mahmoud Assamie
Being one of the best qualified hospitals in Yemen, people from different parts of the country are pouring into Al-Thawrah Modern General Teaching Hospital in Sana'a for better, more affordable healthcare.

The hospital has the capacity to receive 110 inpatients in all medical specializations. Over 100 operations are carried out every day, including complicated ones such as heart and brain operations as well as a number of organ transplants.

The masses of people in the halls, clinics, and yards cannot go unnoticed. Patients and relatives are waiting for medical consultation or treatment. The accident and emergency unit is full of injured and suffering people. There are patients lying in beds in the crowded halls receiving their treatment there, for there are no more beds in the unit's rooms.

Salem Haider, who was injured by two bullets to his thigh, lies in a bed in the hall of the emergency unit. His brother Abdo Haider is waiting for a referral report from the hospital management to transfer his brother to the Military Hospital for free treatment because his brother is a soldier.

Hafez Al-Awadi, 30, suffers from blindness. He travelled from Ibb Governorate in order to seek better healthcare. “I suffer from an old accident to my brain which has caused me blindness. I have been suffering from blindness since 1996