Al-Wahda & Al-Ahli in Asian Championship for Top Teams [Archives:1998/34/Sports]

August 24 1998

Al-Ahli & Al-Wahda of Sanaa teams are getting ready to participate in the Asian tournament for top teams held in Manama, Bahrain, at the beginning of September, 1998. Yemen Times made a field visit to the teams training camps. Talking to the coaches and the teams’ players, they all stressed that they participate not only for the sake of being there participation, but for achieving good results.
The teams are going through very rigorous training programs in the morning and in the afternoon. However, there are many doubts about the effectiveness of this training. Many people ask, is hard training enough to make a good team?
In a talk to the Yemen Times, Mr. Hafedh Me’iadh, the secretary general of the Al-Ahli team, said: “The training camp is taking place according to a well-prepared plan. We put a hard and excessive training program in order to make the players mentally and physically well-prepared. For that, we concentrate much on improving the techniques and skills of our players.
“We will have friendly matches with Al-Wahda team and other strong teams in the country. On the other hand, we have to face many other difficulties. Al-Thawra and Al-Dorafi fields are not good for training. We don’t have any fields planted with lawn, but we try to manage with what we have.
“Even though, the weather comes to make matters worse. The heavy rain makes the fields all muddy, which makes training impossible. Imagine that we use the basketball fields for training as a temporary solution to the problem. I hope that in spite of all difficulties we will have a good presence in this event.”
Yemen Times appreciates the efforts of the teams’ players and coaches and wishes them well.