Al-Wahda Foundation’s land plundered [Archives:2004/787/Local News]

November 4 2004

YT Taiz Bureau
Al-Wahda Entrepreneurial Foundation sources claimed that a Sheikh who had been working for the real estate authority in Taiz along with a number of his aides forcibly plundered a land belonging to the foundation located in Salman Mountain near the gate of Taiz University.
The source said that this action resulted in major concern among the people who have shares in the foundation as the state-owned lands became subject to plunder by powerful persons who seize the chance during official holidays to take over new land for personal benefit. The case of the land plunder was raised to officials at the governorate to act swiftly and return the land from the hands of the sheikh.
The phenomenon of land takeover has been frequently occurring in the last years as a result of lack of law enforcement and the inability of authorities to prevent influential figures from accumulating wealth by employing illegal means and by using their authority and might.