Al-Wahda of Aden: A Surprise Comeback! [Archives:1998/30/Sports]

July 27 1998

The Wahda of Aden managed a come back to the football excellent division after the fall of its level in the sports season of 1996-1997 due to administrative problems. The Club’s management held an honoring ceremony for the teams members and other sports teams such as karate, athletic, body building, weight lifting, and Taekwondwo to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of establishing the Wahda Club.
The ceremony was attended by the governor of Aden, Mr. Taha Ghanem; the honorary president of Al-Wahda, Mr. Rashad Hayel; the Club’s president Mr. Ahmed Qa’atabi and many sports officials in Aden.
Mr. Ahmed Qa’atabi thanked those who helped the Wahda Club to overcome its problems and make a come back to the excellent division.
The Wahda of Aden came into being as a result of the merging of the clubs of the Sheikh Othman area in Aden, February 1968. At that time, three main clubs were established due to the merging process.
The Al-Hilal Club included 4 clubs: Al-Hilal, Abnaa, Al-Janoob, Tali’a and Saber. Six teams merged: Al-Ahram, Wahda, Al-Jamhoor, Al-Awlad, Sheikh Othman and Al-Shabab Al-Mohamadi, under the name of Al-Fayha. Four other clubs were merged: Al-Memdara, Al-Jazaer, Al-Nasr and Al-Shabibah Al-Mutaheda within the framework of Al-Shabibah Al-Mutaheda.
Al-Hilal and Al-Fayha were merged under the umbrella of Al-Hilal in July 1973, leaving Al-Hilal and Al-Shabibah clubs in the Sheikh Othman area until July 18th, 1975. The sports authorities announced in Aden in 1975 the establishment of the town clubs and the merging of Al-Hilal and Al-Shabibah Al-Mutaheda under the name of Wahda of Aden. Al-Wahda of Aden, thus, became a strong opponent to the Al-Tilal Club and managed to win the tournament championship for 3 seasons and the sports complex championships in 1975.
Then, the Wahda won the tournament championships for 2 seasons in 1977-1978 and then in 1978-1979. After unification, Wahda has flourished and constituted with the Wahda of Sanaa, Al-Tilal and Ahli of Sanaa, the 4 pillars of Yemeni football.
Also, the Wahda won the fifth position in the excellent division football tournament in 1991-1992 and the third position in 1993-1994. But the Wahda considerably regressed during 1996-1997 and failed to remain within the excellent division clubs. However, it made a come back to a distinguished position and managed to move up the excellent division clubs.