Al-Wahdawi editor prevented from writing for 6 months [Archives:2006/964/Local News]

July 17 2006

SANA'A, July 15 ) The Capital Southwest Court suspended Al-Wahdawi Editor-in-Chief from writing for six months and fined the paper YR 500,000 as a compensation to Republican Guards, commended by President's son. Under the court verdict, the mouthpiece of the Nasserite Popular Unionist Organization- one of the political parties in Yemen, must pay Prosecution a fine of YR 50,000.

The court followed the publication of news stories on capture of citizens and land grab by some soldiers from the Republican Guard in Dhamar. The Ministry of Defense sued a legal action against the newspaper, however, the verdict was issued five months after the lawsuit was filed to the court.

According to Ali Al-Saqqaf, the newspaper will appeal with the hope to invalidate verdict.