Al-Zaidi’s murderers arrested [Archives:2003/654/Local News]

July 28 2003

The Minister of Interior confirmed in a meeting held last Saturday with Sheiks and officials of Jahm tribe that the ministry had arrested all the members involved in murdering Sheik Saleh Abbad Al-Zaidi, member of the local council in Marib governorate. Sheik al-Zaidi was killed and his three escorts were killed last April in the north of the 60-meter Street in Sana'a.
The three injured men are still receiving treatment abroad.
The minister also affirmed that the ministry would introduce the murders to the court to be panelized and emphasized strongly that about the ministry's involvement in murdering the brigadier general al-Zaidi are baseless.
Jaham tribe had previously accused, in a published statement, members in the Yemeni official authorities of having links to the attackers of al-Ziadi and considered it a plotted political assassination.