Al-Zalab calls for modernization [Archives:2007/1043/Local News]

April 19 2007

SANA'A, April 18 – General Director of Yemeni Public Corporation for Radio and Television Dr. Abdullah Al-Zalab noted that Yemeni media is before hard and gross tasks which require the collaboration of efforts from all.

Al-Zalab added it is time to develop media outlets and the contents of media message to come to the level of the existing challenges, maintaining media should play an important role in development and political process and reflect society problems and issues.

He further indicated his corporation made a survey of the situation of audio media over the last period and it is conducting another study of spectator's opinion about its programs in order to prepare a vision for upgrading Yemeni visual media distinguishing it from other foreign media.

Moreover, Al-Zalab revealed a plan for having more local radio stations, together with extending qualification and training of the corporation affiliates, noting 2007 will be the year of training and qualification.

Concluding his statement, he declared programs map is not just titles but a vision that reflects the media policy and serves certain goals.

Al-Zalab was recently appointed as director for Yemeni Radio and Television Corporation. Early, he assumed different posts including dean of Media Training and Qualification Institute in Sana'a and lecturer in Sana'a University.