Al-Zandani Denies Al-Iman University Closure [Archives:2001/40/Front Page]

October 1 2001

The Reactor of Al-Iman University, Sheikh, Abdulmajeed Al-Zandani denied news that has been circulated by some of the local media concerning the closure of the university, adding that the measure of closing its doors is a temporary measure with the aim of practical proposes. In a statement to YT Al-Zandani said that foreign students are treated as the Yemeni students according to the laws and the official orders in all the Yemeni universities. It has to be mentioned here that local and international media have published false news items concerning the closure of the university and deporting of foreign students for fear of a possible attack by the US, particularly in the aftermath of September 11th attacks.
Al-Zandani calls the media for avoiding the outrageous claims which harms the profession of journalism and the profession of the real journalist is to convey the message for the benefit of all. At the same time, reliable source said to YT that the university students have departed the university for practical applications and they will come back again for study.