Al-Zandani lays conditions for dialogue with US [Archives:2005/859/Local News]

July 14 2005

SANA'A- Sheikh Abdulmajid al-Zandani, Chairman of the Islamist Islah Party's Shura Council announced in a statement to the Iman Voice his acceptance to start dialogue between Islamists in Yemen and representatives from U.S. administration.

In his Statement, al-Zandani set three conditions for the dialogue to be a success, the first of which is that the Yemeni government should be fully acquainted with what happens in the dialogue in order not to leave a gap for misunderstanding that may bread accusations of outlandishness leading to confrontations between the government and Yemeni Islamists.

Secondly, the dialogue should be transparent and clear in order not to repeat what happened to Islamists in Sudan who were accused of conspiracy to coup against the regime. According to al-Zandani, when a dialogue features a high degree of transparency and clearness, it will enable nations to get acquainted with the procedures of dialogue particularly with the powerful countries interested in occupying other countries and exploiting their wealth. Al-Zandani mentioned if the dialogue is so transparent, it will help the Islamist current maintain its noble status among the Arab nations.

The third condition stipulates consulting the specialized religious scholars on the dialogue in order to explain to people what is good and what is bad and instruct them how to protect their Islamic values and principles.

Sheikh al -Zandani confirmed that these conditions were not formulated by the Islah Party and said he excerpted them from the Holy Quran and the Hadith.

Sheikh Abdulmajid al-Zandani occupies the post of the Iman University Rector and his university is of a Muslim orientation. He is one of the objectors to the U.S. policy and is accused by Washington of supporting terrorism.

The United Nations demanded that his financial activities and assets be frozen and he is wanted to stand trial.

A long time controversy took place over the nature of the Iman Universities activities, but al-Zandani repeatedly claims that his university is ever open, transparent and does not hide any of its activities.