Alba Rose [Archives:2006/981/Community]

September 14 2006

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]

On the left hand wearing my time's veins,

But it is suspended

Carrying off the breath of rose by my right hand

Combing her scent's curls,

But it is wounded

My vibrant heart's sense that is my accurate time

Rose with free colors of rainbow

With dove's feather, with swans forming my heart's shape

Living with green leaves, it never dies by shot of bees

Whereas it is inhaling breeze

No one can hear the melody of freedom

Only the hanging southern petal, but it mustn't be died,

Ruthless hand

The evil's license, able to be thriven in an infertile land

Slavery is our Future's destruction

Past can't return reversed

Forwarding the Present Time's wheel to unknown place

It is not soundly begotten,

Accidentally rupture

Due to the rapture

An evil's soul hanging the petals

Dyeing the river by pale nights

Alba is kneeling down on her knees

She repeats mysterious words



Crying and Tears, instead of wearing her white dress

Tomorrow's dew wouldn't dye her with Henna

In Palmyra Oasis

Freedom can't be radiantly grown

With the wand of mischief

What a dream! Instead of wedding of freedom

The north balance is not always fair

Tomorrow is a mourning day

It is a rattlesnake's silence and fall with a great toll.