Ali Nasser: Unity Safeguarded by All Political Forces [Archives:2000/22/Local News]

May 29 2000

Former president of Yemen Ali Nasser Mohammed considers the Yemeni unity as ” An essential constant that must govern our vision and action for there is no alternative for the unity but dissension, fragmentation and regret.”
In an interview to the London-based Al-Hayat daily he has criticized the ”socialists”’ calls for secessionism along with criticizing the situation in Yemen as suffering from corruption, security failure and instigation of vengeance and conflicts. He has called for adopting an integrated strategic vision and comprehensive development program where all various forces would take part. He also calls for a strong state capable of restoring hope and putting an end to ”the feelings of frustration overshadowing the citizens in all governorates.” Mr Mohammed thinks all that as a product of the absence of full vision of reform and development and that the situation needs ” a serious and courageous stand to rectify the failure and draw up a program shared by all for the sake of preserving Yemen through a dialogue including all political and social forces to reach common denominators and visions enhancing structure of the national unity and safeguarding it.”