ALL EYES ON AMMAN [Archives:2001/13/Front Page]

March 26 2001

President Ali Abdullah Saleh is expected to leave for Amman today to attend the two-day Arab summit in Amman scheduled to start tomorrow, Tuesday March 27. This comes close on the heels of the conclusion of the preparatory meeting of the Arab foreign ministers in which Foreign Minister Abdulqadir Bajammal participated. All eyes are now on Amman as the Arab world anxiously awaits a strong commitment by its leaders to come up with a solid resolution that could help in strengthening Arab solidarity regarding the sanctions on Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian Crisis.
Yemen is expected to raise the issue of pressuring the USA and the west to lift the sanctions on Iraq and resume the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. Along with that, the president intends to raise the issue of founding the Arab Tribunal and the Arab common market along with the national security service. President Saleh will once again emphasize the importance of holding the summit on a regular basis as he said during an interview to the Egyptian Satellite Channel last week, “This summit comes as a direct consequence of the decision to hold a periodic Arab summit, which is originally a Yemeni proposal.”
Yemenis and Arabs everywhere had expressed their hope that the summit will send a strong message to Israel and show that Arab solidarity can indeed help in exerting pressure on the allies, including the USA to push the peace process forward and focus on the suffering of the Iraqi people.
On the other hands, Yemenis are all waiting for the cabinet reshuffle, which the president is expected to carry out once her returns.