Also an occasion to manifest Yemen-Germany relationsGermany celebrates Day of German Unity [Archives:2003/673/Last Page]

October 2 2003

Sanaa, Oct 1 – The German embassy in Sanaa is celebrating on the third of this month the 13th anniversary of the Day of German Unity. The embassy is scheduled to have a reception in Sanaa on this occasion next week to mark this important anniversary and to emphasize the commitment to further consolidate and strengthen relations with the Republic of Yemen, which also celebrated the 13th anniversary of its day of unity on May 22 of this year.
It is noteworthy that German-Yemen relations have enhanced tremendously since 1990. With an annual EUR 40 million annual allocation, Germany is among the most generously donating countries to the Republic of Yemen. German assistance extends from poverty reduction projects to de-mining assistance, which aims at helping Yemen accelerate its developmental process in all walks of life.
Furthermore, the German Cultural and Food Festival (30 Sep – 2 Oct) is also being held at the Sheraton Hotel with the cooperation of Lufthansa and Lufthansa Cargo. The event signals the 5th Oktoberfest anniversary.
The Day of German Unity is a national holiday in Germany commemorating unification of East and West German after 40 years of separation (1949-1989).
A powerful symbol of the triumph of liberty of oppression is Berlin's Brandenburg Gate, blocked off by the wall for 28 years, site of euphoric celebrations as the wall fell in 1989, and now once again the focal point of a vibrant city center. The nearly 200-year-old monument is indeed the symbol of Germany's unity and will remain so for generations to come.
Most Yemenis have a special feeling of gratefulness to Germans for their stance on regional and global issues. The position of Germany in not approving the war on Iraq was admired and appreciated by Yemenis and Arabs alike. Furthermore, German tourists have always been welcomed to Yemen and continue to receive the best of Yemen's genuine hospitality.