Amal Kudol:The Melodious Voice of Yemen [Archives:2001/46/Last Page]

November 12 2001

Few women in Yemen can find a good place as a singer in the male-dominated artistic arena of Yemen. One of these great female singers who has challenged the norm and has captured the hearts of many is Amal Kudol, who has sung for Yemen with love and passion.
A few weeks ago, Amal Kudol held a concert at the yard of the French Cultural Center at which she entertained the audience and simultaneously squelched rumors that she had given up singing due to bad health and deterioration of her vocal abilities. Clarifying reasons for her long absence, Amal said there were people who always try to segregate her from her audience.
She refuted news on deterioration of her health, saying that she was fine and that she had continued singing, although only occasionally at private celebrations.
Lovers of Amal Kudol have lately been wondering about not seeing their favorite singer on TV, especially during national festivals and celebrations. Amal disclosed that she has not received any invitations from official authorities to take part in such festivals. For this reason, Amal said that she would leave Yemen for one of the Gulf countries where she enjoys more respect and attention.
About her current musical activities, Amal described them as extemporary. “They are not pre-planned or organized. The people in charge of organizing such activities are more concerned about their jobs than about the quality of the work they offer,” she said.
She added that singers who are currently dominating the artistic arena give a bad impression of Yemeni arts. She deplores the general atmosphere of the country, one that she said did not encourage her good work.
At her party organized by the French Cultural Center, Amal performed a number of old songs that were composed by great Yemeni singers, in addition to some of her old and new songs that she prepared especially for this occasion.
All the songs that were performed reminded us of her melodious voice, which we have missed lately and to which needs to be paid due attention before she leaves, just as many others before her.
Report by
Jamal Jubran