Ambitious oil exploration [Archives:2004/710/Local News]

February 9 2004

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
Drilling ten exploratory and 120 developmental oil wells during the year 2004, Yemen is working to implement an ambitious investment program in the petroleum sector.
According to the General Authority for Oil Exploration and Production the program targets several areas of Yemen.
The sources say new oil entrapments are in Sector 10 in Shabwa which is run by the French company TOTAL, and Sector 14 within the rocks of Massila in good quantities.
There are also new discoveries in Al-Oqla, S2 Sector, which is run by the German company Prossage revealed that commercial quantities have been found in Kharwa One Well with a production rate reaching 650 barrels per day.
Another well was drilled in this sector and its results have shown an initial discovery of oil, considered the first discovery in Marib – Shabwa Basin.
Yemen is currently producing 460,000 barrels of crude oil per day.