Amenah Al-Nosairi granted doctorate [Archives:2001/33/Last Page]

August 13 2001

At the end of June 2001, the well-known Yemeni female plastic artist and critic Amenah Al-Nosairi discussed her thesis in Moscow, Russia entitled ‘The Ideologist and Philosopher in the Arts of photographing.’
Amenah discussed her thesis in public before by Yemen’s Ambassador to Moscow Mr. Abdu Ali Abdulrahman and members of the Yemen diplomatic corps in Russia in addition to other Arab and Russian artists and writers. The discussions were sealed off with granting the famous artist the doctorate degree from the Moscow Institute of Philosophy and recognized by Moscow University and other academic institutes in Russia in addition to the Nations Friendship University. The Russian Academic Committee which discussed Amenah’s thesis recommended the printing of the thesis to enrich the intellectual library, hence considering it a great academic achievement.
In her thesis, Dr. Amenah Al-Nosairi discussed the most important topics embodied in studding the philosophies of the prominent Muslim intellectuals including Bin Roshed, Alfarabi, Al_Ghazali, Bin Sienna, Bin Arabi, Al-Tawheedi and others. Yemen’s well-known artist also discussed aestheticism in the religious texts. She also allocated some chapters for discussing the transparent effects of the religious and philosophic intellectuals on Islamic Arts. She supported her statements with the creativity of the Sufism intellectual and its effects on the optical arts. Amenah believes that Sufism that left clear footprints on Islamic arts.
Her thesis also included comparative studies between the countenance of the Islamic arts and the contemporary Arab experience in the field of plastic arts.