American Airlines, Travel Agents Seminar & Dinner – 98 [Archives:1998/41/Business & Economy]

October 12 1998

The annual American Airlines, Travel Agents Seminar & Dinner was held at the Sana’a Sheraton Hotel, on the 7th Oct. 1998.
Managers of top selling travel agencies, and senior mangers of the national carrier participated in the seminar.
Omar M. Omar, GM, welcomed the participants. He was followed by a short presentation by Hussein Nalkanday, highlighting the achievements of Robert Crandall, ex-CEO of American Airlines
The main feature of the seminar was the very impressive presentation by the American Airlines manager, M. Wasi ull Azeem, who explained in detail the various salient features of American Airlines, and the benefits of flying AA, due to it’s very comprehensive frequent flyer program, named the ADVANTAGE program. He also stressed the huge operations which American Airlines has across the Atlantic, and it’s vast network in the United States, Caribbean and Latin America.
One of the major development in the travel industry, in the recent past, was the announcement of 5 major airlines of the world coming together, in a multilateral agreement, to form the ONEWORLD alliance. The dramatic manner in which it was announced, was also shown through a video of the press conference, in which this was announced. The five airlines in this alliance are AA, BA, Canadian Airlines, Cathay Pacific & Qantas.
Finally, Mr. Alwan Al Shaibani, thanked all, and reconfirmed continued cooperation with Yemenia.