American Languages & Training Institute opens [Archives:2003/675/Local News]

October 9 2003

The American Languages and Training Institute, which is located in Hada Street behind Yemen Times premises and beside Al-Dilami school, was inaugurated with the presence of masses of parents and students who wish to study in ALTI.
The principal of ALTI Mr. Waheeb Hassen Numan expressed his extreme happiness in opening this educational institution, which will ameliorate the educational level in Yemen in terms of languages and computer programs.
Moreover, ALTI syllabus is based on universally-categorized American syllabuses to cover the different skills and areas of languages institution. Besides, courses of computer are based on up-to-date syllabuses.
Worth mentioning that ALTI grants certificates ratified by education ministry and foreign ministry.
All in all, ALTI is educational institutional to develop and strengthen the skills of the Yemeni learners regarding languages and computer.