Amid outrage of other opposition parties and surprise of the public:Islah stops boycotting American goods [Archives:2003/681/Front Page]

October 30 2003

Sanaa, Oct 29 – Members of Islah party in the students committee to boycott the Zionist and American goods refused during a festival held in Sana’a University to call for the boycott of American goods.
Sources said that the Islah members in the committee have -unexpectedly-refused to include names of American goods on the festival signs and also refused to demonstrate and protest during the festival against American and British occupation of Iraq.
Consequently, Nasserite and Baath members got furious and expressed anger at this stance while other political organizations and independents expressed surprise at Islah’s unfamiliar attitude this time.
On his part, Parliament Speaker Sheik Abduallah bin Hussein al-Ahmar asked in the festival to boycott Israeli goods and commodities made in Israeli-support countries. However, he did not mention American goods specifically in his speech, unlike what he used to do in the past.
“It is not permissible to buy Israeli goods as it will support enemies of Islam and those who kill our brothers in Palestine. Everyone has to remember that when a Muslim buys an Israeli commodity, that means that he/she is helping direct a bullet against a Palestinian child, woman or militant.” he said.