Amidst opposition MPs’ accusationsParliament approves tariff law [Archives:2005/852/Local News]

June 20 2005

Mohammed bin Sallam
SANA'A – June 14- The Parliament approved last Tuesday the draft of the tariff law in its final form amidst accusations by the opposition MPs that Yahya al-Ra'ee, Vice Speaker of the Parliament, deprived them of discussing it.

Al-Ra'ee is accused of referring the law draft for vote without discussing its articles or listening to suggestions of other MPs. The MPs refused to exempt some of main commodities from custom fees and this went contrarily to the government's desires.

The Parliament approved a 5% tariff on flour and 10% on coffee, but on wood, dentistry equipment, kitchen tools and other articles the tariff rose to 10 percent after the Parliament's Financial Committee defined the tariff as 5%.

The MPs insisted on exempting the main foodstuffs including wheat and rice from custom fees while a 5 % tariff was levied on cars.

The MPs denounced the violation committed by the Parliament Vice Speaker, pointing out that the vote on the law draft was illegal and there is an objection against some articles of the law.

They said the infant milk was supposed to be exempted from customs and what happed is a flagrant violation against the Parliament by-laws. They considered that as a blind support for the government desires at the expense of interests of the nation.

Some other MPs confirmed that the vote on the tariff law draft is wrong, saying: “the committee reconsidered levying 10% customs fees on non-essentials after it reduced the tariff on wood, dental equipment, kitchen tools and aluminum and clothes to 5%.

Regarding the tariff on cars, the MPs said it will operate according to what has been decided by the committee that is 5% on new cars that are only seven years old, and 10% on the older models.

The validity of the period for tariff on cars to be settled is 3 months and after it, any car more than 7 years olds will face a 100% tariff.