Amnesty International activities in Taiz [Archives:2003/656/Local News]

August 4 2003

Amnesty International organization held on Monday 28 July a human rights symposium on ''Violations of Human Rights in Russia' The symposium was held at headquarters of Yemeni Women Union.
Three working papers were presented at the meeting. A working paper by Mr. Hussein al-Adeemi, member of coordination council at the Amnesty International and expert in the international and human law, tackled the role of international and local organizations in enhancing and protecting human rights.
Mr. Mansour Haza's paper dealt with the reality of human rights under the international changes. While another paper presented an analytical view on the reality of human rights in Russia, presented by Mr. Mutaher al-Sharjabi.
Mr. Sameer al-Maqtari had given a speech mentioning that “the humanity victory requires continuous confrontation with and rejection of confiscating public and private rights as well as individual rights, adding noble human goals urged the Amnesty International to hold the symposium to cast light on various forms of violence and violation of human rights in Russia.
A gallery of photographs was opened as part of the symposium activities attended by representatives of civil society organisations, number of legal men and human rights activists.