Amnesty International calls for release of Hammoud Murshed [Archives:2003/632/Local News]

April 21 2003

Yemen Times Staff
Amnistia International Unidad Territorial de Madrid has stepped up its calls for the release of Hammoud Murshed Hassan, who is detained at present in Taiz Central Prison. In a press released issued last month, the organization renewed its calls to release Hammoud, who is currently awaiting the verdict of frequently postponed judicial proceedings regarding his death sentence. The original trial dates back to 1995, and the sentence was confirmed on appeal in 1998.
Members of Amnesty International have been distributing leaflets to visitors of a recently held exhibition in Madrid, entitled “Yemen-land of Queen of Sheeba” about the case of Hammoud.
Amnesty International members also held a peaceful demonstration outside the museum where the exhibition was held. Banners were displayed as a protest against the situation of human rights in Yemen, and death penalty sentences which are often applied after trials that do not conform to international standards. The Amnesty group also urged the Yemen government to ensure a fair trial for Hammoud and to abolish the death penalty.
Amnesty International groups in Germany, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands are also defending this case.