Amnesty International denounce executions [Archives:2006/977/Local News]

August 31 2006

SANA'A, Aug. 30 ) London-based Amnesty International showed concern over judgments stating capital punishment for children and youth in Yemen.

In their most recent review they say the punishments were issued without complying with the international values for just trails.

Yemeni law bans capital punishments for those who are under 18, yet the Amnesty International received reports of capital punishment for children, according to the last issue of the review.

It was decided to execute eighteen year-old Hafez Ibrahim on April 6, 2005 for a killing he was accused of committing when he was 16. The judgment was not executed until the president reached a final resolution about his case, according to Amnesty International.

Another convict, Adel Mohammed Saif Al-Amari, was arrested on July 27, 2001 faced capital punishment after he was convicted of killing a male relative when he was 16. Amnesty International was told that Al-Amari confessed to the crime under torment. At the judge's request, a doctor certified he had not reached 17 years.

Amnesty International is asking the Yemeni authorities to stop executing youth and conduct fair trails according to the international standards.