Amnesty investigates: arrests continue [Archives:2002/08/Front Page]

February 18 2002

Yemeni authorities in Taiz released 11 detainees last week who were arrested of suspected links to al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, while eight others are still in jail.
Twelve persons are still in custody in the governorate of Ibb, including the brother-in-law of Usama bin Laden, Dr. Mohammed Ghaleb. He is married to the sister of bin Ladens Yemeni wife.
The sources said other two Egyptians are detained in Ibb. They are Ahmed Ezat and Mohammed Omar.
Abdu Saleh al-Matari is still in prison because his daughter was married to a Yemeni killed in Afghanistan.
The arrest campaign against suspects is still going on. Security sources said an Algerian citizen, Abdul Qader was arrested with his Yemeni associate who were coming from Saudi Arabia.
Saudi authorities refused to renew his residence visa. His family was moved to one of his relatives house in Sanaa. It is also reported that two Somalis were arrested recently in Sanaa after attending a mourning ceremony for Ramzi al-Shaibas mother in Sanaa.
Al-Shabia is wanted by the USA in connection with the September 11 attacks. He was tracked down by the German authorities.
Meanwhile, while Amnesty International (AI) is investigating the wrongful holding of detainees in Yemen, an AI team led by al-Amri shroof visited Yemen last week to find out if there are any human rights violations towards the prisoners and to listen to their relatives complaints.
The team met some of government officials, human rights activists and journalists.
Amnesty is likely to release a report with regards to the conditions of the detainees taken prisoners since September 11 for alleged connections with al-Qaeda, as well as foreign students and citizens extradited by the Yemeni government.