Amnesty Objects on Violations [Archives:1999/45/Local News]

November 8 1999

Amnesty International made a report to high ranking officials in Yemen about the violations of human rights; Fear of torture or ill-treatment to Mr. Omar Ibrahim Dagah who was arrested on 27 August, 1999 by Political security after the explosion that occurred in the Tuwahi area of Aden. He was put in incommunicado detention and his family was denied any access to him. The Amnesty International also made another report to condemn the death sentence against Mr. Yahya Najii Muhammad Al-Asadi issued in 1986 by the Supreme Court. Amnesty International is concerned that the trial of Yahya Najji Muhammad Al-Asadi may have contravened international standards for fair trial.
Therefore, Amnesty international asks all people to send their appeals to the President asking him to give Mr. Omar immediate access to his lawyer, his family and to medical treatment and to express their concerns that the trial of Mr. Yahya may not have met the internationally recognized standards for fair trial