Amnesty on YSP Leaders Except Four [Archives:2002/05/Front Page]

January 28 2002

A Yemeni official source told YT that a general amnesty was likely to be issued on the Yemeni Socialist Party’s leaders who were convicted with different charges after the 1994 civil war except four persons.
The source said the 16 persons who were tried and prosecuted in absentia can go back home, make use of the general amnesty communique that president Saleh made after the civil war except Ali Salem al-Beidh, former vice president, Haider al-Attas, former PM, Haitham Qasem Taher, former Minister of Defense and Saleh Ubaid Ahmed, all were sentenced to death on charge of being accountable for the outbreak of the civil war. The other 12 persons who were sentenced to different terms of imprisonment can be back home. This is a good step on the way to close the file of the civil war and the question of the south and north. The Yemeni leadership has been announcing that all participants in the war on the side of the YSP can come back home except for those who were prosecuted. But now the number is being downsized to four and it might in the future go to zero. Mr. Annis Hassan Yahya who was sentenced to suspended ten years in jail has expressed his willingness to go back from his exile in the UAE. These developments have come out after the return of Mr. Salem Saleh Mohammed, former presidency member to Yemen after seven years in exile. It has been reported that he himself is now exerting efforts to convince his companions to come back home.
Around 17 military officials with their families are likely to fly back home very soon. Official sources said president Saleh had given his orders to arrange for their return from Syria.