Among disbelief of many Yemenis NAZ DEFEATED! [Archives:2001/15/Front Page]

April 9 2001

Naseem Hamed shocked all his fans everywhere in the world, including Yemen, with an upsetting loss to the Mexican fighter Marco Barrera in the fight last Saturday night in Las Vegas, USA. The unanimous 12-round decision taken by the referees resulted in the unprecedented defeat of the boxing champion. “I was never hurt. He didn’t hit as hard as people have said,” Barrera said after the long match.
Even though there were no knockdowns in the non-title bout, Barrera seemed to dominate most of the match. According to the AP reporter, Barrera “rocked the previously unbeaten Hamed twice in the first round, buckled his knees in the fourth, then had him wobbly at the finish.”The result caused total disappointment, shock, and disbelief among the Yemeni people. But who still were proud of the achievements so far, and are anxiously waiting a rematch for Naseem to prove that he is still the stronger.