Among the most prominent oil companies in Yemen:Al-Qabatili Company signs agreement in Malaysia [Archives:2004/766/Local News]

August 23 2004

Prominent Yemeni businessman Sultan Othman Al-Qabatili, CEO of Al-Qabatili Company for Investment and Petroleum Services is leaving to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to sign an agreement with one of the most prestigious Malaysian companies in Malaysia specialized in oil exploration. The visit, which is among the first of their kind, is expected to result in an agreement to bring the Malaysian company to explore in one of the blocs currently offered by the Yemeni government for investors in the oil field.
The company has positively responded to the government's encouragement to bring to Yemen companies willing to explore oil wells in predefined blocs.
The Al-Qabatili company is a major company in Yemen involved in several Petroleum projects besides a number of other projects including the construction of the first tourist villages on the coast of the Red Sea namely on the area known as the Valley of the King (Wadi Al-Malik), which is one of the most famous Yemeni and Arab beaches on the Red Sea.