Among them draft law on carrying weapons,Council of ministers sends 11 draft laws to parliament [Archives:2003/639/Business & Economy]

June 5 2003

In its first meeting the Yemeni new cabinet headed by Abulqader Bajammal decided to refer again 11 draft laws to the parliament to be listed on its agenda for the coming session according to their priorities. Among the major draft laws are the amendment of the law regulating carrying of firearms, and ammunition and trading with them and a draft law on statement revealing officials' properties and finance.
One of the main draft laws is the one relating to organizing the relationship between the tenant and real estate owner, especially that majority of inhabitants of limited income in the capital Sana'a and other cities are suffering from high rates of rental paid for houses and the problems aroused by real estates owners with leaseholders.
Owners of residential real estates do not favor issuance of such a law because it would force them to pay taxes and control the relationship between them and leaseholders.
Returning to parliament of the draft law on offering statement of finances to be endorsed and is aimed to achieve effecting controls on those manipulating public accounts, curb corruption at administrative and financial institutions through specifying properties and real estates owned by senior officials.
By sending back the draft laws to the parliament the Yemeni government intends to regulate professional work and the work in pharmaceutical and drugs field and to draw up plans for economic and social development. The cabinet has established a committee concerned with managing orphanages and developing them through connecting them to comprehensive educational system, programs on alleviating poverty in a manner realizing the required effectiveness in providing more care and attention.