Amran Court adjourns the trial of Masha’s murderer [Archives:2008/1218/Local News]

December 22 2008

Mohammed Bin Sallam
SANA'A, Dec.21 ) Amran's Primary Court last Thursday adjourned the case of the man who is accused of murdering Masha Ya'ish Al-Nahari, a member of the Jewish community in Raidah district.

During the first session of the court, headed by Judge Abdul Bari Aqabah, the secretary of the court presented the prosecution's accusations against Abdul Aziz Yahya Hamoud Al-Abdi, a 39-year-old ex-Air Force Officer, who is accused of killing Al-Nahari.

Following the list of accusations, and the presentation of evidence, Al-Abdi confessed to murdering Al-Nahari on the 11th September 2008. The court allowed five lawyers to defend the accused, and made a copy of the case file for reference. They will deliver their verdict in the upcoming court session next Monday.

The court asked the prosecution representative to ask Al-Nahari's family to attend this next session, and offer demands of personal and civil rights against the accused.

Al-Abdi justified his actions by saying that he “enabled [Al-Nahari] to choose between embracing Islam