Amran fight ends for now [Archives:2004/705/Front Page]

January 22 2004

Mohammed Al-Qadhi
Tribal and government efforts have succeeded to end armed clashes between tribes in Amran governorate that erupted last week, claiming the lives of 12 and injuring more than 20.
An official source in Amran told the Yemen Times that the clashes between the tribes of Thu Jabir and Thu Suda in one side and Thu Mukaitab in the other were stopped after tribal Sheikhs and military figures interfered, and as the government took hostages from the two tribes to also help the end of fighting.
Military and security people were deployed to Kafla district, 170 km to the north of Sana'a. However, according to the official source at the local council in Amran, the problem is not yet sorted out, and the fight might resume.
The fight claimed the lives of 12 persons from the two fighting tribes, including two women and two children. The tribes used heavy weapons including artillery.
Governor of Amran Taha Hajir accused some tribal sheikhs of standing behind the fighting, to achieve personal interests.
The fight has been reported to have erupted due to a 4-year old tribal feud when Skeikh Ghalib Bin Suda was killed and some people from the other tribe were accused of operating the murder. Every now and then, problems between the two sides erupt, but this time it was most violent.
As many as 1,500 Yemeni are believed killed in tribal disputes every year.
The government has set up a committee to sort out such problems but to no avail.