Amran Mosque attacker’s trial starts [Archives:2003/665/Local News]

September 4 2003

Mohammed Al-Qadhi
Sanaa, 3 September – The Primary Court of Amran started Tuesday the trial of the attacker of the Amran mosque, which took place on August 22. The attacker, Marish Ali Al-Akhram,30, admitted the crime of killing two and injuring 34 others when he blew up a grenade at the men who were praying inside. The court Judge Abdulnaser al-Sa'adi listened to the complaints of the victims' relatives. The next session of Marish's trial will take place on Saturday.
Marish Ali Al-Akhram, threw two grenades around two weeks ago on men praying in al-Khamri mosque at Hawth district, Amran province 60km north Sana'a, killing 2 and wounding 34 and causing panic in the village. Only one grenade exploded. One of the victims died after being hospitalized. Some of the injuries left the hospital after treatment, while seven others were taken to Sana'a hospitals as they have been seriously injured. Investigations with the attacker proved that he had some personal problems with his relatives. Yet, the real reason behind the crime is still unknown.
Late July, Mohsen Munasser killed eight students with their teacher while attending an unofficial summer course on Islamic religion teachings in Yahar mosque, Lahj governorate. The relatives of the victims have demanded death sentence against the killer who requested the court to show him to a psychiatrist. The primary court of Lahj sentenced Mohsen to death last week, but he appealed the verdict.
The harsh economic conditions lived by the majority of the Yemeni people is a one of the main factors behind the increasing number of violent incidents taking place in the country including suicidal attempts and attacks against innocents.