Amran Mosque Murderer to Go to Court [Archives:2001/05/Front Page]

January 29 2001

The Attorney of Amran Governorate last week began the interrogation in preparation to take to court Jubran Ash-Shami, who had earlier confessed of shotting at worshippers at the Al-Hadi Mosque in Yanoor Village in Amran on January 10.
The bloodshed was caused when Jubran shot at worshippers during their Isha’ prayers resulting in the immediate death of three and the death of six more from their injuries, and the injuring of more than 18 men. The Head of the Security Office in Amran Governorate told Yemen Times that there had been no political or creed-related motives behind the horrible act. He also stated that two more individuals were involved with Jubran in the planning of the massacre. According to the same source, the two others continuously encouraged Jubran to take revenge on the villagers, including his uncle, because they had expelled him from the village because of his unsatisfactory behavior and reputation, and because of the many thefts and robberies he had carried out in the past.
At the same time, seven of the injured are still being treated at the Military Hospital in Sanaa, three of whom are in the Intensive Care Unit with little hope of recovery. Two of the injured are expected to be partially paralyzed.