An American Pilot’s Opinion [Archives:2001/47/Focus]

November 19 2001

John Adams
[email protected]
I am an American pilot flying on commercial airliners. I am also a US Air Force reserve commander. I’m writing to make some hopefully logical observations from my perspective and help your readers to assess and draw their own conclusions.
1. I believe the majority of Islamic Believers were repulsed by the slaughtering of innocents on September 11.
2. American armed forces have been the last resort to block evil activities in the world since the early 20th century.
3. The United States has never sought to possess any foreign lands in any time.
4. As a reserve pilot, I have been called to active duty twice: The Gulf War to liberate Kuwait from the naked sovereign invasion by Iraq, and again to protect Muslim Kosovo Albanians from genocide at the hands of “Christian” thugs. Being involved in air combat on both occasions, I can say that I put my life on line in order to defend the Islamic people. I also voluntarily served, at substantial personal financial cost, in the humanitarian effort to feed the starving people of Somalia during their famine in 1991. My military service, when it got risky, was always on behalf of Muslims and I share this experience with many American military pilots.
5. The US has been a great friend to Palestine, delivering extensive aid and cash support, and acting as an intermediary between Palestine and Israel at great national cost and danger. This has always been in a drive for finding peace, not power.
6. When the US leaves Afghanistan, and it will, as it has no desire to occupy but only to eliminate Al-Qaeda, it will support a new tolerant and peaceful transition to a representative government of, by, and for Afghans.
7. A man of great courage is Pakistan’s General Musharrif who is risking everything for doing the right thing, despite threats to his personal safety, power, and his nation.
8. Islam, Christianity, Judaism spring from the same tree, worship the same God, and are based on peace, respect, and compassion. Our problems come when we reject our sacred teachings and seek to gain power or do harm. We must all support those who seek peace and true justice or one day the evil one’s among us will cause the destruction of all of our holy places and all of us.
9. The worse things about America – pornography, drunkenness, crime, etc. are the price we pay for freedom. The lost souls who perpetrate evil are far outnumbered by good, decent, generous, happy people and their families. The best thing about America is freedom.
I offer my friendship to all and hope we will all be able one day to share peace and security for ourselves and our children.