An appeal to save Hodeida old buildings [Archives:2004/797/Last Page]

December 9 2004

By Abdulwahab Al Sofi
[email protected]
For Yemen Times

It is beautiful and enjoyable to read history of one's country but the most beautiful and enjoyable is to watch it, using your naked eyes to ponder and enjoy the old and beauties of your country. Vestiges narrate the history of any generation as long as they are well protected. Historical and old buildings in Hodeidah are eroded as rust corrodes iron. There are many antiquities neglected in Hodeidah governorate. They need an excessive care because they remind us of our past which never comes back.
Heat, humidity, rains are major elements ruining this valuable heritage.
Beautiful bricks made of clay, appeared clearly in those buildings but because of climate weathering, they are about to collapse down. Consequently, this valuable historical heritage in this city will be obliterated. This antiquity denotes to a complete history of Yemeni origin in ancient architecture. Tens of monumental buildings called Alsoor village, overlooking the sea, are not taken into consideration by institutions concerned with taking care and maintaining heritage. Ministry of culture should have repaired those buildings and renovated them for their age goes back to the era of the Imam. Those buildings were the main port for the city in that period. That is why; they represent a history of that period. In addition to that, those ancient buildings are treasures to our country. They really reflex the artistry's scope of architecture in Yemen, as exactly mirror reflexes objects. Besides, they are historical masterpieces so that tourists are extremely attracted to them.
It is worthwhile to give them our attention and repair them. These prominent historical features will continuously be an attractive spot in the city and to our country as well. They are really a tourist wealth for Yemen. Everything of our life will pass away except history. It will remain and convey our civilization to the world and to next generations. Therefore, our hopes rest on our officials to do their best in this regard and as part of our patriotism and faithfulness to our heritage.