An appeal to stop blood shed 15 killed, 70 wounded in ongoing tribal clashes [Archives:2005/853/Local News]

June 23 2005

Khawlan- June 21- Locals from al-Kibs Tribe in Khawlan, 35 km east of Sana'a appealed President Ali Abdullah Saleh to intervene to end the ongoing bloody war between Kibs and Nahd Tribes.

The appeal mentioned the war broke out ten years ago claiming up to 15 lives and 70 injured tribesmen from both sides.

The locals have shown their concern over the official silence of the government despite the fact the war is taking place in an area which is only 35 km away from the capital.

The long war between the two sides turned into revenges in which both sides used different types of heavy weapons including mortars, portable missiles and explosives causing damage to numerous houses.