An awareness program to develop child-rights issues in university curricula [Archives:2007/1036/Local News]

March 26 2007

Fatima Al-Ajel
Sana'a, 24 March. The ministry of human rights, in cooperation with the Sweden organization and Sana'a University, faculty of education, launched a four days awareness program at the faculty of education on Saturday under the banner “the basic principles of the rights of children.”

The Minster of human rights, Khadija Al-Haisami focused in her speech on the importance of increasing and improving the position of the Yemeni child, something which can only be achieved with the real cooperation of all government, non government and civil society organizations. “Society's realization of the difficult situation facing the Yemeni child forms the beginning of solving their

problems and giving them their rights,” Al-Haisami said. “”Yemen signed an agreement on children's rights in 2002 and the parliament discussed this children's rights agreement as a step towards developing the position of children in Yemen.”” Al-Haisami further added. Children's rights issues will be added to university curriculums as a new project to make real partnerships between the ministry and the university